Willa of the Wood

When I heard that Robert Beatty was writing this book, I was thrilled beyond imagine, and as soon as it arrived, I dived right into it. I loved Mr. Beatty’s Serafina and the Black Cloak series, I was certain his Willa of the Wood would not disappoint me. And you know what? I wasn’t wrong! Willa of the Wood held so much more than I expected. Robert Beatty took me on such another an incredible journey.

Willa of the Wood starts out in the middle of the night with little Willa stealing from a day dweller’s–a human’s–home. After making her escape, with the help of a few friends, she makes it back to her home. Only to have things quickly escalate from there. She is marked as a traitor, and runs for her life. Willa then heads back to the home she previously stole from. She starts to feel safe with the man who’s living there and his dog, Scout. The man teaches her about humans and she tells him of her people and their ways. After learning of a terrible tragedy in the man’s life Willa heads back to what she once called home to help his family, and ends up finding herself a new one.

Robert Beatty’s Willa of the Wood pulled me along. I was glued to the pages, I wanted to know what happened next in little Willa’s journey. Willa is a wonderfully developed character, and her abilities were astonishing! Willa is full of kindness and compassion for animals, the forest and others.

The story was wonderfully written, and the cover was just gorgeous! I give this story 5 stars, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to escape on a truly, wonderful, and magical adventure that will sweep you off you feet and will leave you wanting for more.

Thank you Robert Beatty for writing such an incredible story, and thank you Disney Hyperion for publishing it.

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