The Lost Books: The Scroll of Kings

What if there was more to books? What if they were alive? What if they flew off of shelves and killed librarians?

Alex is a young librarian seeking a chance to prove that he is a librarian, not some swordsman like the rest of his family. After his former mentor is found dead, Alex is almost choked to death by a book! That’s right, a simple everyday book except this everyday book has a symbol burnt into it’s cover. With his former master now dead Alex is forced to leave Duchess Purslane’s royal library. However, Kenneret queen of Aethel gives Alex till the end of the month to whip her neglected library into shape. But the books are stirring, they’re getting restless. As the new royal librarian of the Aethel, Alex has his work cut out for him, and to add to his troubles, books still continue to attack him, and their covers have the very same symbol burnt into it. Why though? Why are they attacking him and no one else? Why are their covers scorched with the symbol?

This was the first time I ever picked up a book by Sarah Prineas. I had no clue what to expect from her. I was truly thrilled with this book, and the story itself was incredible! It was nothing like what I had in mind, it truly was so much more! Every page pulled me along and whenever I’d put down the book, I was left with a want for more, and now that the book has ended I still want more! I’m defiantly going to re-read this book in the years to come. Thank you Sarah Prineas for an amazing adventure!

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