Aladdin 2019

Today I’m going to be doing something a little bit different. If you haven’t guess by the title I’m going to be talking about Disney’s live action remake of the 1992 film Aladdin.

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I love Aladdin it is my favorite Disney Princess story. On that note you can imagine how excited I was when I heard they were going to do a live action remake of this tale. You guessed it. I was so excited. I kept careful tabs on who played who, and when it was going to release. But at the same time, with how excited I was for it I was also really nervous. On that note, let’s dive into this review/discussion/rant.😁

The Movie

As soon as the movie started, my heart got a little fluttery. I had waited so long for this movie and there I sat, in the theater finally watching after anticipating it for so long! The first 2-5 minutes of the movie was very interesting. It was a cool way to start the movie and I sure didn’t expect it. So, thumbs up great way to start the movie. However, the next 25 minutes give or take…I hated. Another thing that still bugs me is the songs, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Jasmine; she changed a LOT from the original film. Not happy with that, In the 1992 version all she wanted to do was marry whom she chose and she wanted to marry for love. That’s what she wanted. In this film, she wants to rule as Sultana. Rule Agrabah as she sees fit, caring for those with an empty stomach. A wonderful thought, but that wasn’t what she wanted!! In the original she wanted to marry who she loved! She didn’t want to be Sultana. This is what bugs me the most about the movie. Her goal. Disney changed it and I’m not happy….

Raja; I simply loved Raja!! I’ve always liked that kitty and I was extremely happy they didn’t change him any. He’s still Jasmine’s loyal four-legged friend.

Dalia; she was added to the script. When I first found out I was pretty open minded on that decision and deiced to wait to see the film before judging her. After all Jasmine is a princess, it only makes sense she has a hand maid. I actually liked her and her role pretty good.

Aladdin; his outfit…I don’t like all the change they did to it. I can see why they gave him an undershirt, younger audience and all that, but what bugs me the most is the vest. In this film it’s red but in the 1992 version it was a purple-ish color. They should have stuck with that color, and not changed it to a red vest. I liked how well oiled him and Abu were on the streets of Agrabah. Reminded of the original. Good thing he’s still quick and thinks on his feet. I’m glad they didn’t change that. So, really my only complaint about him is his costumes.😂😅

Genie; I’m just saying. Now, I get Robin Williams, R.I.P, can’t play the genie, I get that, but no one can play the genie like he could. Will Smith had his moments. He would make me laugh here or there but he…he brought something to the film that I can’t really explain. I don’t know what.😂 Will Smith had his moments. I’ll just leave it at that.

Jafar; Jafar was never good looking in the original. The Jafar I know is the exact opposite of this 2019 Jafar. Other than that I think he played his role pretty good. I was impressed with his performance.

The Songs

Before I jump straight into these I’m just gonna say this, these were sung a little differently. You could hear that in the way they sang the songs. I personally would have preferred them to sing it the same way they sang the original ones.

One Jump Ahead: I hated how this one was sung, and how it got introduced into the film. And, frankly, most of the scenes could have been better. And to top it all off they changed the LYRICS!!! It’s nothing huge but it’s noticeable if you know the song. I’d be sitting there listening and watching when all of a suddenly Aladdin would say a word that wasn’t even in the song! It through me through a loop, and I sat there thinking ‘That’s not the lyric. Wait, rewind. Go back. Try again, please.’ UGH! I love One Jump Ahead at least the 1992 version anyway.

A Friend Like Me: Again, they changed a small lyric here or there in hopes people wouldn’t notice. I did. I’m not impressed. Also they added rap to this song. Robin William did such an amazing job singing the original. Why did they have to go and mess up his great work by adding rap into the this song? Why couldn’t they stick to what he had sung? It would have turned out so much better! Some songs are meant to have rap and others aren’t. This is one of those songs that aren’t supposed to have rap in it. Just no.

A Prince Ali: Again, a really great song that they just couldn’t help but mess up by adding lyrics that weren’t even in the original! I was pretty okay with how they did the parade…all right, the parade was pretty neat. There was a few things that could have changed as well. Like Genie slipping through the crowd singing and interacting with the gathered crowd. I wish they would had him do more of that then what he did. But what bugs me the most is the fact the changed lyrics. I can not stress that enough. Seriously Disney?!

Speechless: The famed song they thought they had to add for Jasmine. I listened to this song before I saw the movie, I actually listen to the whole soundtrack but that’s besides the point. I honestly wasn’t sure what to make of this song, and finally decided to wait and judge it after I saw the scene in which it was sang. I can see this song becoming another This is Me from The Greatest Showman. They could have left it out of the movie and it would have been fine. They didn’t have to add it, but they did. I mean, sure why not? Jasmine now wants to rule as Sultana, why not give her a song to go along with that.🙄 I don’t hate the song. It’s a really great song, and I’m sure I’ll listen to it more in the future, but it didn’t ‘need’ to be added.

A Whole New World: I actually have nothing to say about this song. It lives up to the original and what they did with it in this live action movie was pretty cool. Little different but pretty cool. This song was close to perfect. No complaint from me here.


So in all the movie was pretty okay. It will never replace the 1992 version, it doesn’t even come close to topping that one. I feel like the Director(s)/Script Writer(s)/Song Writer(s) could have done a better job than what they did. To me it also feels like it was along the lines of a quick cash grab movie, and so they didn’t put a as much effort into it as they could have. The actors were amazing. They did a fantastic job at doing what they do, acting. They were all good choices, and each did a great job…the Director(s)/Script Writer(s)/Song Writer(s) however, failed at their job, in my opinion. Bottom line: not a terrible movie, but could have been better.

These are just my opinions. I’m not saying everyone has to agree and I’m not saying everyone has to disagree with me. This is just this is what I thought of the whole movie. Maybe I’ll go listen to the 1992 soundtrack or watch the 1992 movie itself, or go read an Aladdin book. I find those quite enjoyable.😂

On that note. So, tell me. What did you all think of the 2019 remake of Aladdin? Tell me your thoughts. I’d be happy to hear them…even if they contradict mine. I’d still be happy to hear them.

~Till the next chapter~




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