Superman: Dawnbreaker by Matt De La Peña


Last year I read Batman: Nightwalker. (click here to see my post) It was the first DC Icons book I read. Long story short, I was very impressed with the book. This year I bought Superman.

Publication: March 1st 2019

Synopsis: When the dawn breaks, a hero rises. His power is beyond imagining.

Clark Kent has always been faster, stronger–better–than everyone around him. But he wasn’t raised to show off, and drawing attention to himself could be dangerous. Plus, it’s not like he’s earned his powers . . . yet.

But power comes with a price. Lately it’s difficult to hold back and keep his heroics in the shadows. When Clark follows the sound of a girl crying, he comes across Gloria Alvarez and discovers a dark secret lurking in Smallville. Turns out, Clark’s not the only one hiding something. Teaming up with his best friend, Lana Lang, he throws himself into the pursuit of the truth. What evil lies below the surface of his small town? And what will it cost Clark to learn about his past as he steps into the light to become the future Man of Steel?

Because before he can save the world, he must save Smallville.

Review/Thoughts: Superman is a very iconic DC hero…at least for me he is. You mention DC the first hero I subconsciously think of is Superman, that being said he’s not my top favorite DC hero. He’s a great character, but I was never really overly stuck on him like some. Despite that I still wanted to read this book. I’ve never read or watched anything that focuses on Clark trying to figure out his powers. (I’ve heard of the series Smallville, but I’ve only seen 2-3 episodes with a friend in the middle of season..9??? I don’t know like anything about it.) 

Clark Kent is your normal teenager just trying to survive high school. Well, save for the fact that he has powers, powers he’s trying to understand or better yet, control and keep under wraps. What drew me the most to this book was the fact that Clark was a teen and trying to figure out his powers. In all it was quite enjoyable. I liked reading about his powers and his struggles with each one. And him receiving his iconic red and blue suit was probably my favorite part out of the whole book. So satisfying! I was half afraid he wouldn’t get it, so thankful he did.

Of course you can’t have Superman without somehow adding Lex into the mix. I was very surprised that Lex was added. For some reason I just didn’t expect him to show, with Clark being a teen and all. The moment he showed up, Lex that is, I had a bad feeling about his involvement. I mean, c’mon this is Lex Luthor we are talking about. In the end Lex did surprised me. (Still don’t trust him though.)

I really liked Bryan. Him and Clark made such good friends. His helicopter piloting skills came in handy. I just feel bad for everything that happened between him and Clark.

And how can I forget about Kryptinite? This one truly surprised me, I know I said that about Lex showing up, but honestly it did surprise me. But  I was so happy to see this added. A very nice touch if you asked me,

One thing that really ticked me off was the whole politic/racist thing–stuff that got brought in. I’m not a fan of it being in here, cause to me it feels like a ticking time bomb, if you will. There’s a chance it’s gonna spark a huge debate over this or that, and readers will be fighting among themselves. That aside…I get why it was added. This is Superman’s book, and I personally feel like Superman would feel the way he does in this book. That’s all I’m gonna say on the matter cause I do not wanna spark a fight myself.

The ending was amazing!! The ending just reminded me of Superman: The Movie (1978)  Yes, I did see that. Not in theaters, but a few years back. The ending to this book truly reminds me of that movie. Wonderful ending, beautifully done!

~Till the next Chapter~

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