There’s a Wolf in My Pudding by David Henry Wilson

My friends found out I love fairytales and I love retellings. The almost instantly recommended this book to me late this summer, and then they lent me their copy. I figured, why not give it a try?

Publication: August 1st 1986

Synopsis: Popular fairytales are given a sly twist in these humorous stories which are new variations of twelve traditional classics. Learn why Little Red Riding Hood and her Granny told lies, how Jack the Giant-Killer flopped on his comeback, and how the Big Bad Wolf eventually caught the Three Little Pigs.

Review/Thoughts: This book is by no means exciting, but it is funny and a nice quick read. It started out as a quick read before before…plans changed. I ended staying up into the night to finish it.

This book covers the story of Red Ridding Hood, and what truly happened, told by none other than the Wolf. And other stories such as, Three Little Pigs (told by the wolf as well) The Tortoise and the Hare and the ‘shocking’ truth about how he had won. Aladdin and his sons, and plenty more.

My favorite is The Beast. I really enjoyed that one, it is by far the best out of the book. Very creative, very interesting take on the matter. Cinderella’s was also kinda cute. I never thought someone would tell about it the way this author did.

The story I disliked the most was Aladdin’s. If you don’t know I love Aladdin. This one just made…it make me think “Seriously?” I thought it was really, really stupid. And the Frog Prince story. Both are kinda stupid in my opinion.

I did not regret reading this. I’m very thankful my friends lent their copy out to me, and they are constantly telling me that audio is the only true way to enjoy this book. It was most certainly and adventure. It’s worth giving a try at the very least. It’s funny, stupid at times, but funny and worth…in my opinion.
Will I go hunt down a copy somewhere, somehow for my own collection? No. No I won’t. I just have no desire to own that’s all.

~Till the next Chapter~

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