The Lost Frost Girl by Amy Wilson

A book about the daughter of Jack Frost. Sign me up!

Publication: January 26th 2017

Synopsis: Owl has the kind of mom who would name her Owl, a dad she has never met, and a boy who gives her weird looks at school–but Owl has come to accept that this is as normal as life is going to get.

Until Owl finds out she is Jack Frost’s daughter.

Determined to meet him, Owl delves into Jack’s world of Winter and magic–the kind of place she thought only existed in fairy tales. And as she begins to notice frost patterns on her skin and her tears turning to ice, Owl starts to wonder if being Jack Frost’s daughter means that she has Winter powers of her very own.

At once breathtaking and brimming with heart, The Lost Frost Girl is an enchanting modern-day fairy tale of family, friendship, and the magic of embracing who you are meant to be.

Review/Thoughts: We all know why I picked up this book. Jack Frost.🙂 He had a lot to do with why I choose this book as my December/Christmas read this year…and the fact that this book is more Winter-y than last year’s December/Christmas one was.😅

It’s easy to get lost in the magic of a story, in any book! But this one was something else entirely. The author did a wonderful job weaving together both our world and the world of the fay. The fay world and their inhabitants are beautifully done, and I was easily lost within it. I feel like there is still so much to that world that was left untold.

Avery is my favorite character out of the book, let me say that right here and now. When we first meet him he was kinda quiet, a loner, more of the watch and observe type of person. And I loved that about him! And how he used his own powers. I mean, his powers are pretty neat. Now, towards the middle of the book, yeah I didn’t like him as much. I wanted to strangle the kid after somethings were brought to the light about him. But in the last third of the book he did slowly start to grow on me once again. I like the kid, and I feel slightly bad for him cause of who his father is.

Jack Frost is not what I expected, but that’s okay I liked this frosted tipped, brown hair Jack, and how he acted in his element. How carefree, rebellious and playful he was portrayed. I’d expect nothing less from him. (And for some reason I pictured him carrying around this brown staff that frosted over wherever he touched it.😅😉)

Owl was a great character. She never met her dad, and when she asked her mom about him she kinda dodges around the bush, never giving Owl a name. Owl does end up getting a name, and everything takes off from there. However, there wasn’t any romance for our little Owl. I was kinda hoping there was going to be.

There was also something about the beginning of this book. It didn’t quite click with me at first, maybe I was just getting used to how it was written in the first few chapters? I read on, and I did find it much more enjoyable. It turned out to be an interesting journey for father and daughter throughout it all. Now, time to go finish up as many other books as I can before the end of this year.😂

~Till the next Chapter~

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