League of Archers: The Stolen Crown

“We’ve stolen from the rich to give to the poor.”

“Like Robin Hood.”

-Ellie & Ralf, page 297

Publication: December 5th 2017

Synopsis: “We’re the League of Archers! You know the Merry Men? We’re like them.”

Ever since Ellie and her friends saved Maid Marian from execution, the Lord de Lays has been taking his anger out on the villagers, raising taxes and imprisoning those who can’t pay.

But the League of Archers has an idea, and if it works, it will bring freedom to the poor.

Everything goes according to plan…until King John is murdered before Ellie’s eyes.

As a result, unrest is rising. The longer the people go without a king, the more vulnerable Nottingham becomes. And when Ellie learns of the Lord’s plan to kidnap the crown prince, civil war seems imminent. Can the League of Archers make sure the new king is crowned before it’s too late?

Review/Thoughts: I went far to long not knowing there was more to the story of Elinor Dray. I loved the first book, and I thought if ended on a great note. The perfect ending. I guess I wasn’t really expecting a book 2. I love her story, so I’m not complaining that she did end up getting a second book.

This book was great. It introduced some new characters, and struggles. In this book Ellie and her League are trying to build a farm, a safe haven from Lord de Lays for the very people he has kicked off their land. But building something like that doesn’t come cheep. Ellie poses as a servant at one of King John’s parties in hopes to steal the money needed. Let’s just things go very wrong and we end up meeting Stephen.

When we first met him, I took a liking to him. There was something about him that I really did like. I was sure I had found my new favorite character. He ends up joining the League and while things start out okay they don’t stay that way. Halfway through the book I lost a lost of respect for this character. He was just so rude and…agh! He just got on my nerves. He did end up getting a nice redemption, a second chance to prove his worth, but by the end of the book he just wasn’t my favorite any more. That being said, I don’t really know if I have a favorite character for this series.

I felt for Elinor Dray in this book. My heart ached for the struggles she had to face between her friends, Stephen, and doing her best to build up the safe haven from Lord de Lays.

One thing I would have loved to see throughout, well, both books was Robin himself. He was briefly in the he first, but I would have loved to see how he personally reacted to Ellie’s decisions and what she was striving for with the League. We got to see how Marian and Tuck reacted to it all, but I would have loved to see how Robin Hood would have reacted and thought about what she was doing.

This was a very interesting second book and quite an quick easy read, very enjoyable. I do think the first book is defienlty better than this one. I just think it has a better storyline and it was even more enjoyable for myself personally.

~Till the next Chapter~

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