Sherwood Outlaws: Outlawed by Hayley Osborn


Would you look at that, another Robin Hood book. Seriously, If GoodReads suggest one there’s a very–okay, extremely high chance I’ll look into it and then read it.

Publication: August 12th 2019

Synopsis: Changing history is easy. It’s what comes after that’s difficult.

Travelling through time to twelfth century England was never on Maryanne Warren’s to do list. Not that modern-day life’s going so well, but at least her little brother is in it. He’s the only reason she’s climbed out of bed recently.

To get back to him, she’s just got to convince young outcast Robin of Woodhurst to become Robin Hood.

It should be simple. A quick trip through time, instigate a carriage robbery or two, then back to life as she knows it.

But somehow Rob slips past the walls she’s spent years building and makes her care about his cause. She doesn’t even want to think about the way his intense stare renders her speechless.

As the time to return home draws closer, she becomes less certain her brother is her future. Perhaps her place is here at Rob’s side, as his Lady Marian.

But the magic that sent her here has its own agenda, and Maryanne must decide which of her two lives is the life worth fighting for.

Review/Thoughts: In case you haven’t already noticed, I love Robin Hood stories and this sounded neat in a way. I will admit I was a little skeptical about the time traveling bit, but the idea that Robin Hood originally had his mind set on revenge and someone had to come along to nudge him and shape him into the legend he is…now that’s an interesting idea.

Maryanne comes from a family of time travelers, who possess the ability to travel through time, but there’s a catch. They can travel to a destination and come back again, but they can only do it once in their life. You’d want your trip to be a place of your choosing, some time and place you’d desperately wanted to visit. Well, Maryanne never wanted to use her trip to travel to the 12th century and set Robin Hood on his correct path. She didn’t have a say in her trip. Her dad chose it for her so she could right a mistake he made. To add to it all she and him don’t have the best relationship, and the fact that she doesn’t want to go and him not listening only adds to it. I admire how independent she is and the walls she built around herself make sense after everything that’s happened to her. I liked seeing her soften around Rob and his gang. It truly showed she doesn’t typically do friendships, and because of the walls she built around herself, she doesn’t really know how to build friendships. She does build them but it takes a bit for all the kinks to be worked out. I expected her and Rob to have a thing or end up together I expected something, but it felt rushed! Maryanne’s side of things definitely did. Now, because she bares a strong, uncanny resemblance to Lady Maud from Rob’s time I can understand his side a little better but over all, them liking each other felt way to rushed. By the end of the book it felt right and I liked it there, so it grew on me over time but the start to it felt very rushed and felt like that was supposed to be the main spotlight instead of getting Robin Hood onto the right path.

I loved this version of Robin Hood. In the beginning he’s cold and shut off like he’s annoyed with the very world around him. We learn real quick this is a very different Robin Hood than most. You end up finding out why he acts that way though, and as he pursues the course of robing from the rich to give to the poor you see him change and grow into the legendary Robin Hood he’s known as. Him entering the tournament was different, but that’s not a bad thing. We always see it from Rob’s eyes. Him sneaking it, him focusing down his shots and splitting the arrow. This time it was seen through Maryanne’s eyes, and I liked that changed. My favorite part out of the whole book took place on Page 397. Rob’s little speech about how grateful he is that he met Maryanne was so perfect and it was just at the right place too. I had to read it more than once. I adored how Rob stood and fought back every time Gisborne threatened or hurt Maryanne. It felt very Robin Hood like to me, and despite all his bitterness he held all pent up he’d never want to see Maryanne be hurt.

So, over all I truly did enjoy this take on Robin Hood. The only thing I didn’t really like is how fast Maryanne fell for Rob. I felt like that was rushed and that it needed to be the center spotlight over the true goal of the story. Oh, and that ending. Like c’mon! I’m fine. I just need the second book that’s all.

~Till the next Chapter~

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