Lost in the Never Woods by Aiden Thomas


I’m a sucker for Peter Pan books, but what else is new? There was no hesitation in figuring out whether I needed to read this one yet too.

Publication: March 23rd 2021

Synopsis: When children go missing in the small coastal town of Astoria, people look to Wendy for answers.

It’s been five years since Wendy and her two brothers went missing in the woods, but when the town’s children start to disappear, the questions surrounding her brothers’ mysterious circumstances are brought back into the light. Attempting to flee her past, Wendy almost runs over an unconscious boy lying in the middle of the road…

Peter, a boy she thought lived only in her stories, asks for Wendy’s help to rescue the missing kids. But, in order to find them, Wendy must confront what’s waiting for her in the woods.

Review/Thoughts: This version of Peter Pan is set in modern day, that was a nice touch. It was something different for a change. This book is brimming with shadows and mystery from cover to cover.

Wendy is  just trying to make it through the Summer so that she can go to College with her best friend in the Fall and leave her home town and all the bad memories behind. On the night of her eighteenth birthday Peter is literally dropped from the sky onto the road in front of her. Things only spiral from there. Children start to go missing again, just like she and her 2 brothers did 5 years prior. All eyes seemed to be on her to have the answers, and she doesn’t. Wendy’s reluctantness to believe Peter, and who he said he was, is understandable. Peter Pan is a fairytale after all. I loved her and Jordan’s friendship. The fact the Jordan was there for Wendy in the past 5 years, never pushing or prying just happy to listen to Wendy and what she had to say, was special. Wendy needed someone there for her and Jordan was there for her. So, it hurt to see them argue and disagree. I know every friendship has it’s ups and downs, but I really loved theirs so when they did fight it hurt me just a bit.

It was interesting to see Peter grow up once he started loosing his magic, and it wasn’t something that was easily forget once it was mentioned. The author kept that aspect there, and reminded the reader that Peter was indeed growing older. As always Peter’s character was a highlight for me. I liked how this one was so limber and ‘at home’ in the woods. As being leader of the Lost Boys I expected nothing less, it fits his character quite nicely. His desire to keep Wendy safe from his rampaging shadow was admirable. It felt very Peter Pan of him. Also, him saying that he was an inch taller than Wendy made my day! I felt like that added to his character as well, like he had a competitive ego.  I adored that he would ‘wield’ pixie dust. The dust was always used to fly, and it was important to Tinkerbell, but nothing else was super special about it in Peter Pan’s story. For him to be able to make weapons out of it, and use it to protect himself and the lost kids was different. It was a new to the aspect of it that really enjoyed personally.

The tale was truly interesting to read. With the modern day twist and the dark feel to the story was thrilling, and the constant mystery that surrounded the events kept me looking for answers. The cover is gorgeous with it’s pretty pastel colors, and the story was captivating. And I loved the hint of romance. It didn’t feel forced, rather sweet, heart warming and well done. I was smile every time. There was plenty of fun twists to Peter Pan’s beloved tale. It felt fresh to me, but I must say that about every Peter Pan tale I read. Just when I think I can be surprised by this his story some author manages to prove me wrong. And I live for it!

~Till the next Chapter~

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