As Old As Time by Liz Braswell

Publication date: released

Amazon suggested age group: 12-17

I love re-tellings. I truly do. Authors get to take favored stories and tell them in their own way, making them fun to read. True it’s the same story, just told a bit differently.

Synpsis: What if Belle’s mother cursed the Beast?

Belle is a lot of things: smart, resourceful, restless. She longs to escape her poor provincial town for good. She wants to explore the world, despite her father’s reluctance to leave their little cottage in case Belle’s mother returns–a mother she barely remembers. Belle also happens to be the captive of a terrifying, angry beast. And that is her primary concern.

But Belle touches the Beast’s enchanted rose, intriguing images flood her mind–images of the mother she believed she would never see again. Stranger still, her mother is none other than the beautiful Enchantress who cursed the Beast, his castle, and all its inhabitants. Shocked and confused, Belle and the Beast must work together to unravel a dark mystery about their families that is twenty-one years in the making.

Thoughts/Review: My mom loves the tale of Beauty and the Beast!🌹💗 As soon as I found out about this book I knew I had to read it, not only for the adventure but cause of my mom’s love for this story.

This book would switch between two narratives Belle’s and her parents. I enjoyed it cause you never knew how her parents met nor their lives before Belle came along. Liz Braswell explored that all while twisting😉 this beloved tale. This tale begins out pretty much the same as our beloved movie, minus the fact it switches narratives between Bell’s present and her father’s past, which I found extremely interesting. Learning about Maurice’s past helped me understand about Belle’s present. That may sound crazy but it’s the truth. I loved how the author made Belle’s mother the Enchantress who cursed the Beast. I was constantly asking myself, “How would he react that? How would the castle staff react?” How would you feel? Well, I think you get the picture.

My absolute favorite thing to read about in this book was Maurice’s past. Hands down my favorite part out of the book. I quite enjoyed his life and how Liz Braswell wrote Belle’s parents and the life they had before the iconic story line comes into play. It was interesting and enjoyable. By the end of the book you can not only tell the Beast has grown since meeting Belle, but you can also tell the Enchantress has grown since cursing the young prince. The ending wasn’t what I had expected, truly! I knew it was a twisted tale, but that ending still wasn’t what I expected it to be. That’s a good thing, not a bad, like I said, it is a twisted tale after all and a pretty good one at that. Once again I wish I would have found and read it sooner than I did, but at least I got around to reading it that’s what counts after all, right?

This is technically the 3rd book in Liz Brawell’s “A Twisted Tale” series but its a great stand alone book. You don’t have to read the first two to get a better understanding about this one. You can read this one first if you wish, it won’t effect any of the previous books. I’m looking forward to reading “Part of Your World” (Released) and “Mirror, Mirror” (Releases April 2nd 2019) as soon as I can. I’m looking forward to reading them cause, surprise, surprise they’re re-tellings, and they are twisted tales.

~Till the next chapter~


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