Ozland by Wendy Spinale

I think I’ve managed to follow a yellow bricked road, one that lead me straight back this fantastic series!

Publication: April 24th 2018

Synopsis: With Everland and Umberland both destroyed, the survivors have taken refuge in a small village tucked within the shadows of the Bloodred Queen’s castle. Doc has found an actual cure for the Horologia virus, while Gwen, Pete, and Alyssa begin plotting the assassination of the queen with the help of Gail, an excellent huntress. But killing the queen won’t be enough. The world has been destroyed and its needs a ruler to set things right again. A ruler who is good, kind, and fair. Someone like the former king of Germany. But he’s dead … or is he?

There’s a rumor that the king has been hidden away in a secret land, where only the worthiest can find him. Desperate to end the war, a plan is hatched that could put everything right again, only before it’s set in motion, the village is burned to the ground, all survivors taken prisoner to the castle. Except Gail.

But is one girl enough to find a long-dead king, kill the wicked queen, and save the world?

Review/Thoughts: I dived into this book with a very open mind. I learned with the first two that Wendy Spinale has a way of taking my expectations and blowing them out of the water! She has exceeded them so far, and that statement rings true for this book as well.

Ozland takes place 3 months after the events of Umberland. And I kid you not, I opened this book. I and started reading and thought to myself “There is so much death in this series!” I not complaining. But it’s true! When I first started this series back in July I did not think that this set of books would have as much death and sorrow in it as it does. It definitely gives that dystopia feel to the story.

I know Ozland is supposed to be based off of The Wizard of Oz story, but it also reminded me a bit of the story of Robin Hood in a way. Gail and her family gave off that vibe, that’s why I say that. With the past two books I really grew attached to our two main characters that we follow, and I didn’t grow attached to Gail. I didn’t really care for her. I liked that fact that she used a bow and arrows as her preferred weapon but there was just something about her that didn’t click with me. I wanted to know of her progress and how she was getting along, but I was always yearning to be back with Pete, Maddox and the rest! I was even thrilled to read from Katt’s POV over Gail’s.

I loved all the returning characters! I feel like Maddox didn’t get near enough of screen time, but I do love what he was given. We get to read from Doc’s perspective in this book. And I like that! We get to know him for him and not just how Pete sees him. And between the three books we get to see their friendship get pieced back together. We can see development between them and I adore that!

Speaking of my absolute favorite character from this series; I’m thrilled with how much we got to spend with Pete in this book. It’s far more that I expected. I thought that, he like Maddox, would be seen throughout the book but wouldn’t get a ton. I like that we are constantly reminded that this leader of the Lost Boys had tattoos. I know I’ve said that a ton, but it’s a nice little reminder that he does have them, and we don’t forget that. In this book he’d added to his collection, adding the names of Lost Kids that succumbed to the virus. In my opinion that’s sweet. A reminder of everything they’ve lost to the Horologia Virus, but now I feel like he’s over doing it. He wants to remember the kids that have fallen, I get that, but I was just fine the gears and cogs that decorated his chest and ran down his one arm in Everland.

One character that has…boggled me through this whole series is Jack! The Lost Boy turned Marauder turned… Well, he’s an interesting character to say the least. After the events in Everland I didn’t know whether to believe the kid of punch him in the face. I didn’t know where he stood, and it constantly felt like, that with him, the lines between good and evil were blurred. I didn’t know what to expect with him around, and to be honest, I stood with Pete when it came to Jack. Jack did turn out to be one of my favorite characters, however.

Wendy Spinale has done such an amazing job on this series! I sad it’s over and that I didn’t get to read it sooner. I love how Ozland nicely wraps up this series. It great and amazing! I loved the references to The Wizard of Oz. It took me a bit to catch onto The Tinman, The Lion. and The Scarecrow references but Wendy Spinale snuck them in so marvelously! (Scarecrow was the best though!) The story within these three books is amazing! The covers are each equally gorgeous! And each story was sprinkled with pixie dust, madness and each followed the yellow brick road to the very end.

Thank you Wendy, for such an incredible journey and the amazing characters who we traveled alongside through it all!

~Till the next Chapter~

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